Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Here’s the thing: The thoughts of breast reduction surgery can be confusing. Read along to understand if you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery along with the all-you-need-to-know about breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Why choose breast reduction surgery?

We understand how overwhelming it could get to decide whether or not you require breast reduction surgery. So, to make things easier, here is a list of symptoms for you to analyse before you plan to undergo breast reduction surgery.

And if your answer is yes to three or more of the below-mentioned pointers, then it’s ok to continue and go about and talk to or meet a board certified and skilled plastic surgeon regarding breast reduction surgery.

6 Key Facts to consider

1) Asymmetrical Ones:

It is very common for some women to have breasts that may not be the same size. One may be considerably bigger or smaller than the other, and this might lead to self-consciousness. It is absolutely alright to talk to a skilled plastic surgeon to get expert advice.

2) Bad Posture:

Women with enormous breasts are more likely to have bad posture because their back muscles lack the ability to support their breasts. As a result of their breast size, they may get skin issues, wounds in their shoulders, and rashes. If you seem to be facing this kind of issue, it is important to consider breast reduction surgery.

3) Mismatched Body Frame:

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction surgery have excessively big breasts compared to their body frame or size. This in turn leads to severe pain in their shoulders, neck, and back as a result of having enormous breasts.

4) Genetic Condition:

Having a genetic condition or a drug reaction can also cause an increase in fatty breast tissue. This could occur with both women as well as men and result in severe shoulder, neck, and back pain.

5) Shortness of breath when lying down:

If you seem to face difficulty in breathing while lying down due to the weight of your breasts or difficult and tiring to perform your day-to-day activities due to the heaviness of the breasts. Then it is ok to consider yourself an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.

6) Unable to find clothes & bra that fit:

As far as a woman is concerned, this could also lead her to unhappiness and sometimes even depression if she is always looked at as the heavy one, despite having a petite or perfect body size except for the large breasts.

Added Perks: Breast reduction surgery also offers the benefit of being a two-in-one treatment. The surgeon will reduce your breasts and push your nipple up during the process, giving you a breast lift in the end.

Finally, you will feel immense relief having the weight of the breasts lifted off your chest that will also take away all the pain, insecurity and discomfort along with it.

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