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Hair thinning is increasingly becoming common in many men and women across the world. Conditions such as illness, genetic inheritance, age-related, therapies, or hormonal change are the primary reasons behind thinning of hair. This has been a cause of depression for many people. But, thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery, people need not have sleepless nights due to the hair thinning problem. By approaching a certified plastic surgeon/dermatologist, you can have a hair transplant done to come out of this issue. This is a surgical procedure that is done to cover the balding areas of the head.

FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is performed after ascertaining the exact reason and finding out if you are a suitable candidate for the same. Prominently, there are two major methods of hair transplantation carried out. One is the FUT and the other is FUE. Going forward, we will look at what is FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction method. Many people prefer this method of transplant as they feel this is better and not as painful as the other method.

In this method, individual follicles of hair are taken from safe donor area at the back of the scalp, also in some cases from chest The amount of hair that is taken depends on the density of hair required to be replaced in the thinning areas. The place from which the hair is taken is called the donor site. Any part of the body that can be the donor has to be determined by the surgeon based on medical tests. Once the suitable donor site is ascertained, each hair follicle is extracted one after the other. Due to this reason, it takes quite some time to complete the surgery. 

Hair transplant by following the FUE method gives you a natural look as each hair follicle is placed one by one and also in the proper direction. In this procedure, the surgeon uses micro punches to remove the hair. This helps in having the extraction without leaving any mark. But in some rare cases, a white scar may appear indicating the removal of hair. 

The FUE procedure maybe done in 2-3 sittings as a daycare procedure. After every session, you can get back home and can carry on your daily activities as usual. Be mindful of not washing your hair unless the surgeon advises you on when you can do that. This procedure is in contrast to FUT, where the skin is grafted to remove the hair follicles, leaving a big scar. This is one of the primary reasons for people to choose FUE treatment. 

One of the important things to be considered before proceeding with this method is the availability of sufficient hair in other parts of the body to cover the entire balding area. Loss of grafted hair after the surgery is common and to regain the natural looks, it may take 6 months to 1.5 years. Make sure, you consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon and discuss in detail the pros and cons before proceeding with the treatment. 

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