Vertical Scar Breast Reduction Surgery

The breast is composed of milk-producing mammary glands enclosed by an envelope of skin, resting on its breast footprint. The footprint rests on the pectoralis muscles and anterior chest wall. The mammary gland consists of fatty (adipose) tissue, milk-producing globules, and milk ducts leading the milk to the nipple-areola complex.

Vertical Scar Breast Reduction Surgery

A normal breast is tear-shaped, and the dimensions and weight of the breast vary widely among women all over the world, depending on their genetic makeup as well as their dietary habits. In most women, one breast is slightly larger than the other, but abnormal enlargement of the breasts can cause severe neck and back pain. It mostly occurs during pregnancy or under the influence of medications

Vertical Scar Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

To reduce the size of abnormally enlarged breasts, a “lollipop” or vertical breast reduction technique is performed. This technique involves a shorter scar and is confined to cases where
Women experience sagging breasts and want minimal to moderate breast reduction

1. It is not much effective for large and very large breast reductions.

The technique includes two incisions
1. The first incision is made around the areola.
2. The second is made from the bottom of the areola down towards the underlying breast crease.

The excision before closing resembles that of a snowman or keyhole. The scar will be located around the nipple-areola complex and vertically on the inferior part of the breast down to the inframammary folds.

Steps involved in surgery:

  1. The area to be removed from the breast is marked with the patient in a standing position.
  2. The marked area is excised and removed under general anaesthesia
  3. A suitable amount of breast tissue, fat, and excess skin is removed according to the preoperative markings.
  4. Breast remodelling is done by the operating surgeon and then sutures are put in. 
  5. For suturing, absorbable multi-filament sutures are used.
  6. Finally, micropore tape is placed, and a low compression bra is put on.
  7. The scarring is usually confined to a small area of the breast, as these incisions are small.
  8. The scars are located on the lower half of the breast (below the nipple) and are not visible through your clothing.

Postoperative care

  • Patients may be discharged on the day of surgery itself if there are no complications present.
  • Removal of sutures is not required, as these get absorbed on their own.
  • No sports activity should be undertaken for at least 4 weeks.
  • A supportive bra must be worn for 6 weeks.
  • Weight loss and exercise of muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders may further provide benefits to the patient coupled with breast reduction surgery.


  • Final postoperative clinical control and photos are taken after 3 months.

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