Types of Breast Augmentation

Aging, pregnancy, lactating, terminal illnesses or even unhealthy postures can all take a toll on the way your breasts appear. Thousands of women now turn to breast augmentation for giving their breasts that much needed lift and appeal. Many aspects are taken into careful consideration while choosing the different types of breast augmentation, like the anatomy of the patient, the age, the expected outcome, the level of scarring and so on.

Not just the type, there are also other factors to choose from like the type of breast implants preferred for the procedure, and then the shape like round or teardrop as well as the various implant placement options. The choice of implants is again left to the patient’s preference as everyone’s body type is different, one type of implant material may not be suitable for all. The sub-pectoral, sub-glandular or sub-muscular placement types is dependent on things like the breast tissue, whether nursing later on, or if the patient is likely to opt for specific surgery incision. The choice of surgery type again depends on the body type, incision site, the shape and so much more. Let’s look at the three major types of breast augmentation types of techniques.

Peri-Areolar – This type of breast augmentation is perhaps the most popular of the lot and is also called the nipple incision. The specialty of this technique is that it allows for the sub-pectoral, sub-glandular and also the sub-muscular implant placement. Another advantage is that, in the event of any complication arising the implant can be effortlessly removed and inserted through this nipple incision. The peri areolar type of incision as the name suggests is done just in the area where the dark areola meets the breast skin which is lighter. In this manner the flesh pigment change can help to blend in the single small scar easily. The implant is rolled into a protective sleeve before the insertion by the surgeon. This ensures that bacteria or germ contamination is prevented after the surgery. The sleeve is removed after the placement is done.

Trans-axillary – A breast augmentation type that is most suitable for patients that are looking for no scarring. The incision is made right under the fold of armpit. There is also a channel which goes to the breast which is cut from the position. A small pocket space is created right behind the breast after this channel is cut. The implant will be inserted through the incision. The connecting channel thus pushes the implant into the breast area. The main advantage of this type of breast augmentation is that the breast will appear natural and untouched. The mammary glands will also be spared from any damage so women considering childbirth can safely opt for this type.

Trans-umbilical – This breast augmentation type is when the incision is done at the navel or umbilicus as the name suggests. The inflatable breast implants are then inserted through this incision in the navel. This breast augmentation type is of an entirely new dimension. After insertion the surgeon works to fill the implant right before the incision is closed. This is done with the help of fill tube which gets moving through the tunnel. There are no visible scars on the breast area in this breast augmentation type. Comparatively this is a faster type of surgery and the scar is also located on a remote part of the navel.

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