what the media gets wrong about plastic surgery

Did you know that an average person spends about 6-7 hours on some sort of media every day? Our interaction with the virtual world is affecting us in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

The excess access to information has led people to believe that they now understand the nitigrities about a subject such as Plastic Surgery. This leads to the conception of several myths and false beliefs; and the field of Plastic surgery isn’t a stranger to these misconceptions.

More often than not, plastic surgery is heavily scrutinised because of these preconceived notions. But here’s the truth: While plastic surgery might affect the way you look in most cases, appearance is a very small aspect of Plastic Surgery. Keeping that in mind, we are shedding some light on things that the media gets wrong about Plastic Surgery –

1) Plastic surgery is only about beautification and vanity:

Much before social media came into our lives, people believed that plastic surgery was primarily about enhancing appearance. While people could opt for plastic surgery for altering their appearance, it need not always be about beautifying your appearance.
Most surgeons perform surgeries to fix birth defects such as cleft lips or breasts reconstructions after breast cancer treatment. This helps the patient to heal and recover. Plastic surgeries are about both: reconstruction and transformation.

2) Only the wealthy can afford plastic surgery:

Truth be told, the reality is completely opposite. Several surveys show that the majority of patients undergoing plastic surgery are middle-class individuals who use their own disposable income or flexible financing options to get a certain procedure done.

3) ALL procedures imply a drastic makeover that makes you look like a completely different version of yourself:

The media shows the extreme cases but in most cases the difference can’t be recognised. After all, the purpose of plastic surgery is to make the alteration seem as natural as possible. So no, it is not always possible to know if someone has got plastic surgery done.

4) Plastic surgery is the same as Cosmetic Surgery:

These two things are not the same. There have been several misleading advertisements that have used plastic surgery synonymously with cosmetic surgery. Here’s the major point of distinction between them: Cosmetic surgery focuses on beauty aesthetics; procedures that directly affect a person’s appearance. On the other hand, plastic surgery encompasses cosmetic as well as reconstructive procedures.

5) Plastic surgery is only for women:

Be it ambitious reality TV shows, TikToks or reels – any and all content related to plastic surgery show women as the recipients of the surgery. However, in the last 20 years the number of men opting for plastic surgery has increased by 325 per cent.
Recent studies also show that men feel that they have a higher chance to get a job or a promotion if they have a youthful and pleasing appearance.

6) It is very dangerous:

Every surgery has its own risks. Both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are no more dangerous than any other procedures. Remember: It is important to consult a doctor and understand what the procedure entails – the risks, the pain and the benefits; pain and thereby its management varies patient to patient post the surgery. Therefore, while the post-op care remains the same for all, the time taken to heal by each patient varies.

The recent explosion of information has made us well-informed and more aware but it is important to cross-check the information you get with professionals and experts. Professionals can help you understand better and give apt answers to your questions. Media or not, there never was and there never will be a replacement for doctors. So, don’t believe everything you see on the screen because a lot gets lost in translation and interpretation.

If you are interested to know more about a certain procedure or a consultation, contact us. We will help you understand everything about your chosen procedure, and make sure you feel comfortable and assured before proceeding.

And remember: Plastic surgery and related cosmetic procedures are tools to make you feel good and beautiful, inside-out.

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