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Hello friends time and again I come across the doubts/lack of clarity about plastic surgery in people’s mind. So lets try to clear some of the doubts regarding plastic surgery today.

I am Dr.Pinky Devi Ayyappan ,plastic and cosmetic surgeon based out of Bangalore.

Plastic surgery is a surgical superspeciality which deals with improvement in a person’s appearance and also with the reconstruction of facial and body tissue defects.

Plastic surgery dealing with improving a person’s appearance is more popularly known as cosmetic surgery. In reconstructive surgery we are reconstructing a tissue defect or loss which is could be a result of trauma/cancer/infection/congenital disorders.

Some of my friends /patients have asked me whether I use any plastic/artificial material in my surgeries. To give a simple explanation, basically in plastic surgery we use patients own tissue to make the necessary changes .To give you some examples —in traumatic defect we may use skin graft or a flap to reconstruct the defect, even in cosmetic surgery we use patients tissue to make the changes for example in augmentation rhinoplasty we may use the patients rib cartilage/septal/conchal cartilage for augmentation.

Yes we do use artificial material in some cases, like implants for breast augmentation, chin augmentation, microtia reconstruction. But in majority of plastic surgeries we use patients own tissue.

Once we have understood some basics about plastic surgery lets understand how does one become a plastic surgeon. After completing twelfth standard one needs to take an entrance exam, score very well to get selected for a MBBS course ie Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science, which is 6 year course.

After completing MBBS one needs to write entrance exam to get selected for MS General surgery which is a 3 year course .MS stands for Masters in Surgery.

After having successfully completed MS general surgery one needs to write entrance exam for getting into Mch Plastic surgery. Mch stands for Magister of Chirurgiae or in other words, Master of Surgery in Latin. It is a three years post doctoral degree in Indian Medical System which is the highest Master Degree in surgical field.

At few institutions one can do Mch Plastic surgery after MS in ENT, Orthopaedics. Also we have a provision of doing a direct 5 years course in plastic surgery after MBBS with National Board of examination ie DNB.
Hope this clears a few of your doubts.

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