Placement/plane of Breast Implants

A huge part about a successful breast augmentation surgery has to do with choosing the right breast implant. Along with the placement, the other factors that ought to be considered include the size, shape and procedure type. The surgeon and the patient arrive at a decision on the best placement type depending on the desired result and clinical assessment. The top three placement types for breast implants include

1.sub pectoral ie under the muscle
2.sub glandular ie under the breast tissue
3.sub fascia lie under the pectoralis fascia

And we have the dual plane where in the implant is partly under the muscle and partly under the gland.
The Pectoralis muscle is a muscle that connectthe front walls of the chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder.

Let’s look at the three top breast implant placement options in detail;

  • Over the muscle breast implant placement also known as Subglandular implant placement is best suited for women with a moderate amount of natural breast tissue. In this placement the implant is positioned between the chest muscle and the existing breast tissue. This choice of placement will also produce natural-looking breasts that age well. The recovery is much easier and less painful in over the muscle placement when compared with the other under-the-muscle breast implants. The end results of subglandular implant placement can be seen within a few weeks. The natural glandular tissue will cover the breast implant, which minimizes the risk of implant visibility, rippling, wrinkling or folding.
  • Under the muscle breast implant placement also known as Subpectoral implant placement reduces the chance of capsular contracture rate .In women with thinner frames this type of placement makes the edges less visible, giving a more natural-looking results. In a “dual plane” position,the upper inner portion of the implant is beneath pectoralis muscle, while the lower outer portion is below the lower margin of pectoralis muscle, is beneath the breast gland.The recovery for this type of placement could be slightly longer as it will take some extra time for swelling in the breasts to subside and to see the end results. Patient are advised to avoid chest exercise for about 4 weeks.
  • The third behind the muscle fascia breast implant placement option also known as Subfacialplacement puts the breast implant behind the pectoralis fascia.This will reduce the implant edge visibility,lesser downtime.


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