Q&As on Dimpleplasty


1. Does Dimpleplasty give permanent results?

Dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive process. At first, you have to examine whether dimpleplasty is the right process for you or not, then your doctor will show you where the new dimples will be placed. After the creation of the dimple, an absorbable suture is placed starting from the outer side of your cheek to the inside. This helps in holding on to the dimple. As absorbable sutures are used, it forms scar tissue after absorption. The dimple stays in its place because of the scar tissue formed within your cheeks. So the results you get from dimpleplasty are permanent. The whole process is very quick, painless, and affordable.

2. How long does the whole dimple surgery process take?

When compared with other plastic surgery, dimpleplasty is a very simple procedure. You remain awake and comfortable during the whole dimpleplasty procedure. Special arrangements can also be made if you want to sleep rather than stay awake. On the whole it takes about 20 minutes to perform and you can go home after the whole procedure.

3. Is it possible to select the dimple’s place, size, depth, and shape?

The whole process is completely personalized, and you can easily select the location of the dimple on your face.

There are a lot of variables that can impact the depth, size, and shape of your dimple. Some of these include how thick your cheeks are, the amount of fat present, your face shape, and balancing facial muscles. You will get to speak in detail about the process and then decide on the dimple that is best for you.

4. What are some complications that can occur during dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is one of the safest procedures, but similar to other procedures, there are certain risks, such as bleeding, infection etc. however, infections are rare, and the risk of it decreases when antibiotics are prescribed post-surgery. Weakness in one of the facial muscles because of nerve injury can occur, but it is highly uncommon and gets resolved within three-five days. Another possibility is that you might not like the outcome because of over- correction, asymmetry, or the correction. Scarring and hyperpigmentation changes can occur in some cases when the absorbable stitch create dimples in the skin and break the healing process.

5. What type of post-operative care is required after dimpleplasty?

During the initial time after dimpleplasty, the dimple will be there even when you are not smiling. The post-operative care period is different; it can generally last  anywhere from several days to l weeks, in rare cases it may also last a couple of months. As you heal, the dimple also flattens slowly and remains. You can start eating soft, tender food a few hours after surgery, it will not interfere with chewing or eating. Generally, pain medications are prescribed in case you need them;  many patients take  pain medications  without consulting a doctor, we do not suggest that. You shall be prescribed an antiseptic gargle that is to be used after consuming any drink or food. You might experience mild swelling and bruises for some days after surgery. You can also resume your work in the morning following surgery

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