Lip Reduction

The pivotal role played by social media as a driving force for opting medical aesthetic treatments is a known fact. The proliferation of selfies and the need to look good in those is encouraging youngsters to take the plastic surgery route. Gone are the days of plumped up lips, lip plumping lip glosses and pushing out pouts. Smaller bow-shaped pouts and thin lips are ruling the roost now, thereby calling attention to the newest lip reduction surgery trend. Lip reduction procedures is more popular in Asian countries.

Lip Reduction

Lip reduction, also called reduction cheiloplasty, is a surgical procedure that enhances facial appearance by reducing the volume of the lower lip, upper lip, or both lips. During the procedure, skin and tissue is removed from the lips along the ‘dry-wet line’, using stitches to create a new lip line, and pulling the lip underneath inside the mouth. The process can be done in under one hour and painkillers are given after the procedure to ease discomfort.

Like in any surgery, a lip reduction surgery also comes with its pros and cons. Lip reduction is a permanent fix for people who want smaller lips, without any scars as the incision is made inside the lip. The process is painless as it is performed under a local or general anesthesia. Sutures and swelling post the surgery may remain for about 3 weeks and there could be certain complications like infections,excessive bleeding or hard scar tissue. Some tingling, numbness, or tightness in their lips is common for weeks or months when the nerves regrow. The possibility of a revision surgery to correct asymmetrical results also cannot be overlooked. The full results of a lip reduction surgery can be seen once the swelling subsides completely in 3 or 6 months after the surgery.

The results of a lip reduction are immediate and permanent .

Plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons perform these procedures in India. Lip reduction surgery cost is not cheap but it is much lesser in India when compared to western countries. The cost depends on whether both lips are treated, on the extent of treatment and on the surgeon. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, surgery costs are not covered under health insurance plans.

Celebrities and beauty influencers are more open on social media platforms about their aesthetic treatments and hence adopting such treatments no longer has any negative connotations. Beauty trends are a passing fancy and what is cool and trendy now need not be so in a different time and place. So whenever you decide to get a cosmetic surgery of any kind, do your research thoroughly. Always choose a doctor that is well recommended, highly-trained and board certified.

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