Things to know about Breast Augmentation

Times are changing and the internet has increased awareness amongst people about various cosmetic procedures and how they can help an individual yet there is scepticism revolving around Breast Augmentation – A procedure to enlarge the breasts through the insertion of implants(saline or silicone ) or fat grafting.

Questions like: ‘Should one get breast implants?’ ‘Is the surgery covered under insurance?’ ‘What are the risk factors?’ ‘What is the recovery period after the surgery?’ – start to pop up when one is contemplating going through with this cosmetic procedure. Keeping that in mind, Pink Apple Aesthetics brings to you facts about Breast Augmentation that will help you make a well-informed decision:

The surgery is a personal choice:

Breast Augmentation is not a life-saving surgery. However, it is a cosmetic procedure that boosts self-confidence and enhances appearance. Additionally, it helps in readjusting breast size caused due to a pregnancy or significant weight loss.

It is essential to discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon to get a realistic idea about what this surgery can do for you. If you are looking to know more about Breast Augmentation in Bengaluru and don’t know where to start, click here!

Understand the factors of Risk:

Like any surgery, Breast Augmentation has its risks. Breast pain, infection, changes in nipple and breast sensation, implant leakage or rupture – are common risks that entail this surgery. Correcting these complications might require additional surgery to remove or replace the implants.

Breast implants do not have a Lifetime guarantee:

The average lifespan of an implant is about 10 years. Breasts continue to age and aspects such as weight gain and weight loss have an effect on the way your breasts might appear. These changes can further lead to more surgeries.

Breast implants might hamper Breast-feeding:

While this is not true for every woman, this tends to happen after certain pregnancies due to the changes in the body. Having said that, some women have no trouble at all!

Insurance does not always cover Breast Implants:

In India, insurance usually doesn’t cover breast augmentation. It will, though, cover breast implants for women who have had mastectomies as a result of breast cancer but it will not cover any further surgeries that might be required post the initial augmentation procedure.

Monitor your Breast Implants:

At large, follow the instructions given by your surgeon and communicate every change with your surgeon without an exception.
If you notice any unusual changes or sensations, report them promptly to your surgeon. The surgeon will also suggest tests such as ultrasound and MRI scans, to monitor the changes, if any. The FDA also recommends patients with silicone implants to get regular screenings to detect ruptures and leakages.

Like all cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation has its risks. Therefore, it is essential to have a trusted and experienced surgeon by your side to make the transition as seamless as possible. Breast Augmentation is a personal choice. At the end of the day, this procedure is about empowering you and making You feel beautiful and confident!

If you are curious about cosmetic procedures or wish to know more about Breast Augmentation in Bengaluru, Pink Apple Aesthetics is here to help you with all your queries!

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