Q & A Breast Augmentation

1. What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

Beautiful breasts are something that adds great definition to a woman’s body profile. Breast augmentation surgery is beneficial for every aspect of a women’s life. Women opt for a breast augmentation for a number of reasons from improving body contour to reshaping bust line to enhancing breast size. Doing so can make women feel more attractive and gives them the option to try newer clothing styles as well. A woman’s body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss or after a mastectomy even. Breast augmentation is something that can make the breasts appear more symmetrical. The psychological benefits include the great boost in self-confidence and self-esteem and that feeling of being more youthful. The personal and social benefits will follow as well naturally. Women have found their personal lives and social relations improve vastly after a breast augmentation procedure. When you are confident about your appearance you will become more outgoing and thus friends circle, job opportunities, social prospects etc will improve too.

2. Can breast augmentation be done using fat transfer?

A breast augmentation method that is well suited for women who do not like the implants in their body or who are scared of foreign material in their body, or who are hesitant about going under the knife is the fat transfer method. This minimally -invasive procedure gives women the option to contour their breasts using natural materials. There are some criteria to keep in mind before you opt for fat transfer method though. The woman should be healthy and have some excess fat in her own body for this process and her breasts should be in great shape and skin tone as well. The increase in volume to the breasts in this procedure is quite less though. The fat required as the natural breast filler is harvested by the doctor through liposuction. The fat may be taken from thighs, upper arms, waist or elsewhere using a combined process of water-based and laser / radio frequency assisted liposuction. The fat is kept free of contaminants and safe and it is then directly inserted into the breasts to fill and shape them as desired.

3. What is the recovery period after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation recovery typically takes 1-2 weeks time. Every woman has different body and different methods of breast augmentation time can also vary. If the patient develops complications following the surgery like infection then the recovery time can also get extended. It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions for a smooth recovery. While you may be able to return to work and your normal life in just a few days, complete recovery from the procedure and strenuous excercises like aerobics ,jogging  can be expected only in 4 weeks time. And again, the recovery time for breast augmentation procedure are dependent on a number of factors like age and overall health, the general fitness level, the implant size and placement, the skin and tissue laxity, other procedures done along with augmentation and the adherence to the aftercare instructions of the surgeon. Women who are young, healthy, and physically fit recover faster than those who are older with a poor diet and living a sedentary life.

4. Is breast lift same as breast augmentation?

A breast lift is not the same as a breast augmentation. A woman’s age, childbirth, breastfeeding, and genetics are all factors that can contribute to sagging breasts. Unshapely and sagging breasts are often the most common reason why women opt for breast surgery. Increasing the volume or size is also another top reason. In breast lift the nipple aerola complex is lifted to higher aesthetic point to get perky looking breasts. In case of sagging breasts with volume loss breast lift may be combined with an augmentation using either implant/fat or autoaugmentation mastopexy. A number of types of breast lifts or shapes of incision can be done depending on the body type and also the degree of breast sagging. The surgeon is the best judge for choosing the incision type for a breast lift. A breast lift can be done as a standalone procedure if the person is happy with size of breast. A breast lift can also be performed in combination with breast augmentation using implants for achieving both lift and volume.Also in case the breast are very large breast lift is combined with breast reduction.

In breast augmentation only the size of breast is increased through a small incision in case of implants with a minimal breast lift effect.

5. What are the different types of breast implant placements?

The three types of breast implant placement options are under the muscle,under the fascia and  under the gland . The choice of placement is dependent on the doctor’s advice based on various factors and on the patient’s preferences and breast goals as well. All these placements have their own pros and cons. The subglandular placement which is over the muscle implant is ideal for women with a moderate amount of breast tissue. This is a better choice for more natural looking results, better recovery. The subpectoral placement which is under the muscle is suitable for those with a thinner frame for natural looking results. The downside is that the recovery period will tend to be a little longer. Some change in shape while exercising can also be noted in this placement.

6. What are the things to be avoided after breast augmentation surgery?

Following proper aftercare guidelines after breast augmentation surgery is important for the breasts and body to recover completely. The end result of the surgery is also dependent on the proper recovery period. Nevertheless, there are some things that you need to avoid doing so as to not tamper with the healing. It is important to stay away from any sort of heavy lifting. Taking weights can put excess strain on the new breast and it may also cause the sutures to break open. Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle but it is not advisable to start exercising too soon before the breasts have healed properly. Jumping, weightlifting and overexerting is not a smart thing to do before the healing process is complete.For about 4-6 weeks aerobics,weight lifting ,jogging need to be avoided,also smoking to be stopped for atleast 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks after surgery.

7. How should you sleep after breast augmentation surgery?

The best position to sleep after a breast augmentation surgery is on your back with slightly elevated upper body. Some pillows can be placed underneath the body to help with the breast swelling and soreness. This sleeping position is advised for at least six weeks after the surgery.  This position is better to reduce the risk of deformation of the implant. Sleeping on the stomach will seem more comfortable but this position can lead to the drooping appearance of the breast. Also sleeping on your side tend to increase the wrinkling of the skin of your chest. But sleeping on the side is okay if the patient does so while wearing the post-operative bra for support after four weeks but avoid sleeping on your stomach until you are given clearance by the plastic surgeon which may be after six weeks.

8. Does breast augmentation feel natural?

Before going in for a breast augmentation it is important to understand that the new implants are going to be a permanent part of your body. Getting used to the physical aspect of it all and adjusting to having larger breasts is sure to take some time though. The natural looking results will in fact depend on the expertise of the surgeon, on the implant material selection and on the placement of the same as well. Both saline and silicone implants can give natural look and feel to the breasts.  Silicone being softer in texture can feel bit more natural. In Breast implants that are placed under the pectoral muscle , women tend to be more conscious of their implants when contracting and flexing the chest muscles. If the implants are placed above the muscle it may feel normal much sooner as they will not be affected by muscle activity.

9. Is breast augmentation permanent?

Breast implant devices are not designed to last a lifetime. But they are still expected to last for 10 to 15 years at least. The shelf life of breast implants tends to change when physiological reasons come into play. The breast implants also do last for 20 years without any complications for some women so it is not always a given that it will need to be revised or replaced. Some possible reasons why you may need a breast implant revision could be because of something called Capsular contracture. As time progresses the implants can become more fragile and there could also be a negative response to the implant from the body’s immune system. A layer of scar tissue can form around the implant and then there could be some form of tightening of the scar tissue. This can cause the breast implants to harden. The breast implant rupturing is not a very common scenario for the first 10 years at least. But with time the silicone or saline implants’ shell can become fragile. When this shell is not malleable enough to withstand a rupture, the inner content of the implant may escape from the shell.

10. How soon can you exercise after breast augmentation?

Getting new breast implants need not stay in the way of your fitness goals but it is extremely important for your surgeon to give the green signal for indulging in sports or exercising. Immediately after surgery light walking is quite fine but definitely not anything strenuous. Light walking can help with the circulation and preventing blood clots. After the first three days, low intensity exercises such as walking on the treadmill and peddling a stationary bike is okay. Avoid core, upper body, incline, holding on, and other high intensity exercises during this initial phase of recovery. You can progress to intense cardio or walking uphill after four weeks. But make sure to wear a good supportive bra for exercising. After a month most exercises except lifting weights can be resumed and by the 6th week healing should be almost complete. Avoid chest exercises like push ups if the implant placement is under the muscle as they can get displaced. Listen to your bodies while exercising. If anything is causing swelling or discomfort then it is best to stop and give it time.

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