Aftercare for Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

Here are some do’s and don’ts for laser carbon peel aftercare:

* Treat your skin gently after getting a laser carbon peel by continuing to moisturize daily.
* It’s normal to see some flaking or experience dryness for a few days,
* Use sunscreen regularly with at least SPF 30+ for several days after treatment.
* Don’t use any products containing retinol for at least five days after treatment.
* Do not exfoliate or use any abrasive or invasive skin treatments for at least one week.
* If you have oily skin, use products designed to combat acne to maintain optimum results.
* Use products containing collagen, collagen supplements, or follow a collagen-boosting diet if you have photoaged skin or fine lines.
* Avoid direct sun exposure for a couple of days after the treatment.
* Avoid using cosmetics with harsh chemicals.
Avoid excessive sweating for 3-4 days post treatment.
* Try to use clean face towels, bed sheets as well as pillowcases.
* Avoid touching your face.

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