Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

The reasons for women opting for Breast Augmentation are varied, and could be for health related issues to aesthetic concerns. Sometimes it is due to the changes that the body goes through after childbirth and is done as part of mommy makeover surgeries or perhaps to be more confident about physical appearance or maybe when there is excessive weight loss the Breast Augmentation is done for a more aesthetically pleasing contour. Reconstruction of breasts through augmentation surgery could also be following a mastectomy for breast cancer to heal better emotionally.

There are two widely accepted methods to go about Breast Augmentation. One is using silicone implants and the other is by fat transfer or fat grafting. Some women are not very comfortable with having implants in their body. There are concerns about silicone gel implants not looking or feeling natural enough. Silicone gel that has replaced the previously used silicone oil does minimize the spread of silicone when an implant ruptures but the idea of artificiality is what makes women not prefer such implants.

For women looking for just a small increase in size or for those seeking to improve cleavage, or for correcting minor asymmetries of the breasts, Breast Augmentation through fat grafting is the ideal procedure. Fat grafting is a surgical process of transferring fat from one area of the body to another. The aim of this is to augment or improve the area where the fat is injected. The fat used for this is harvested from other problematic areas like the abdomen, hips or thighs with the help of liposuction.

The surgeon first extracts the adipose fat from the unwanted areas while expertly contouring those areas to your desired silhouette. This extracted fat is then processed with decanting and centrifugation to separate debris, excess fluid, and dead cells from the viable adipose fat cells. The fat that is discarded is the fat cells which may not survive in the graft causing problems for the good cells. Only the purified fat is then re-injected in the form of small droplets into the subcutaneous tissue of the breasts. Doing this ensures adequate blood supply to every fat droplet injected.

As the viable fat grafted is from the patient’s own body, extremely thin women are not ideal candidates for this type of procedure. Breast Augmentation via fat grafting, is considered as the safest method as fat is best natural filling material for your breasts. There is no risk of any allergic reactions and there will not be any scarring as the incisions are minimally invasive for fat transfer when compared to implants. Also with fat grafting there is no risk of rippling or long term breast thinning or any necessary maintenance and once the transferred fat cells have been established with new blood vessels, the final result is permanent once healing is complete.

As with any fat grafting procedure, it should take around three months for the body to fully incorporate the fat into the new area. So the final shape of your breasts will be evident only after this period. The best part about this process of Breast Augmentation is that the treatment will be for the breasts as well as for contouring the area from where the fat is taken through liposuction. Along with supple, completely natural breasts you are getting a sculpted body too.

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