Arm Liposuction Vs Arm Lift

Need for arm liposuction and arm lift

Arm liposuction and arm lift procedures are performed to remove excess fat and skin from the region of the upper arms. These procedures also help to shape and contour the arms to make them appear slimmer and more proportionate.

The upper arms accumulate excess fat when the calories consumed exceed the calories spent in a day. This could be due to poor eating habits, excess stress, or a sedentary lifestyle. In many fat may accumulate disproportionately in arms . Excess fat deposits around the arms give them an abnormal contour and make them look disproportionate.Our skin gets its elasticity and tautness from two important proteins, namely, elastin and collagen. With age, there is a reduction of these proteins in our bodies. This leads to loss of skin tone and elasticity and skin sagging.

Continuous sun-UV exposure, poor nutrition, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking hasten the process of skin sagging. Sudden, massive weight loss due to weight-loss surgery also causes the skin to sag.Granulomatous slack skin is a rare medical condition characterized by excess skin sagging around the arms and the groin area.Excess flabby skin around the upper arms gives them an abnormal appearance which is routinely referred to as bat wings.A combination of arm liposuction and arm lift is performed in many cases to remove excess fat and shape excess skin. It results in slimmer and well-shaped arms.In both cases, with arm lift or arm liposuction, it is essential that the individual undergoing it sticks to diet control and routine exercise. These are important to sustain the results obtained from either procedure.

Arm liposuction versus arm lift

Arm liposuction is a minimally invasive, cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat around the upper arms by suctioning it out. But it only removes excess fat and can leave loose, hanging skin. An arm lift, on the other hand, not only removes the excess fat but also gets rid of the excess skin. It gives a proper contour to the arms.Arm liposuction is also called ‘No Scar’ arm lift or a scarless arm lift procedure. This is because arm liposuction involves only 2 small incisions placed in the skin creases.So, there are no visible scars after healing. Whereas, arm lift involves a long incision from the armpit to the elbow. It is placed on the inner aspect of the upper arm and can be seen when the arms are raised.Since the arm lift procedure involves cutting excessive skin and reshaping the circumference of the arm, its outcome is superior to arm liposuction. Arm liposuction also provides some contouring, but it depends more on the amount of fat removed and the area from where it is removed. The risks and complications associated with an arm lift are higher than those with arm liposuction. An arm lift is performed under general anaesthesia as compared to arm liposuction, which is mostly done under local or regional anesthesia.

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