Axilla/Armpit Liposuction

What is axilla/armpit liposuction?

Natural breast extension to the armpit is generally a tiny tail of tissue. As with the rest of the breast, this tissue might be mostly fat or gland. In certain situations, a big piece of the breast might dwell in the axilla, making it difficult to wear clothes or rest your arm at your side.

To get rid of underarm fat most efficiently, axillary liposuction is recommended, which involves breaking the fat down into tiny molecules and sucking it out. Women with armpit fat find it unsightly to expose unexpectedly large amounts of fat while wearing off-shoulder clothing. The cosmetic procedure of armpit liposuction was developed mostly because of the growing desire for beauty.

Today axilla/armpit liposuction is becoming more effective, less intrusive, and provides safety, much like liposuction in other body parts.

Who should consider axilla/armpit liposuction?

Liposuction beneath the arms reduces stubborn regions of fat that are nearly impossible to lose via diet and exercise alone. An axilla/armpit liposuction is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Aid in reshaping arms that are more proportional and balanced
  • Lessen the pain caused by the extra fat under the armpits
  • Reduce the appearance of skin issues, including scars or stretch marks
  • Cut down on saggy skin
  • Encourage body confidence.

How long does axilla/armpit liposuction recovery take?

After having liposuction performed on the underarm area, the typical recovery time is between 7 and 10 days. It usually takes around seven weeks to make a full recovery. During this period, you must wear a compression garment on the treated region to minimise swelling. You may also experience a little bit of pain from the bruises. To facilitate a speedy recovery, adhering to a nutritious diet and maintaining moderate physical activity is essential.

Does axilla/armpit liposuction leave scars?

Any surgical operation has consequences, and scarring is one of those risks. And liposuction is no exception. Fortunately, the approach employed in this treatment does not call for any vast or protracted incisions. Your doctor will use a cannula to suck the fat out of the targeted location after making tiny incisions. These cuts often measure little more than an inch. As a result, if any scars are left behind after your treatment, they will be considerably less noticeable than, for example, a belly tuck scar.

The amount of scarring that may result following liposuction primarily depends on the surgeon’s dexterity and experience.

Will the results of my axilla/armpit liposuction last forever?

The surgical treatment of liposuction entirely removes the fat cells. Then your body will start making new fat cells, ultimately regenerating fat in the underarm region. But if you don’t take care of your body and do not develop healthy eating habits, you may gain weight again.

Regular exercise is imperative. Maintain a healthy lifestyle following surgery that includes enough lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products to guarantee the preservation of your new arm form. Make conscious efforts to keep the fat off once you’ve had liposuction to remove it.

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