Aftercare of Breast Reduction Surgery

Deciding to get breast reduction can be an empowering experience. You’re taking action to enhance your look and improve your mental and emotional well-being. This choice necessitates gathering knowledge. So, here are some post-breast reduction surgery care tips. 

Breast reduction post-operative days

It’s common to feel some pain and swelling in the days just after your operation. It occurs as a result of the pulled breast tissues and muscles. To alleviate the ache, the doctor will prescribe painkillers.

Additionally, drainage tubes might be positioned in your breasts throughout healing to aid fluid removal. These are often taken out a few days after the procedure.

Wear the specific surgical bras as your doctor recommends and wear them 24 hours, except when showering, to support the breast properly. It keeps you comfy and supports your breast tissues while they heal after surgery. Drink a lot of fluids and take adequate rest. 

Weeks following breast reduction surgery

Most of the wound and puffiness visible immediately after the surgery should reduce by the time it’s been a few weeks. In some instances, the discomfort may persist, but it should be far less severe.

Take your prescription medications on time. You should consider taking time off from work to continue to rest. Additionally, during the first week, you should eat properly, avoid strenuous activity, and drink lots of water because it promotes healing.

The sutures are often taken out a few weeks later. It is strongly advised that patients continue wearing the recommended surgical bra even after the bandages and gauze have been removed since it will provide the breasts with better support and shape.

You should also start to include a bit of daily walking. Start cautiously, maybe with only fifteen minutes daily, then increase it to thirty. It stimulates blood flow, which is necessary for your tissues to repair and deter blood clots. Developing this practice might go well beyond your recovery time.

Do not lift heavy things for the first fourteen days after the surgery. You shouldn’t pick up or raise kids and maintain your arms relaxed instead of elevating them above your head. Also, wait until doctors give you the green light before you start stretching or exercising.

A month after the breast reduction

The majority of women heal almost fully within a month after surgery. The breasts will start to feel smooth and natural after a month or two post-surgery.

While mobility is retained gradually, by the time a month passes, you will feel the new breasts be more natural and part of you. As a result, we advise that you gradually return to your previous activity level. Rushing is unnecessary. You’ll probably be able to start low-impact workouts by the end of the month. Once again, working, driving, and taking care of oneself are all things you’ll do. Or, to put it another way, you’ll be better than before.


You may heal and have a considerably improved quality of life within a month after having surgery. Even though breast reduction surgery is safe, we advise women to wait to get it until their family planning objectives are fulfilled.

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