Types of Brow Lift

Most often, we depend on our faces to express our feelings and emotions, but when aging gets to our brows, this is not the case. The perpetual worry lines on our foreheads, for instance, can make us seem upset unintentionally! The good thing is that we can nowadays correct this with a number of brow-lift techniques and ensure that our face is always sending the right message. A brow lift can raise the eyebrows, and depending on the kind of look we are trying to achieve, the surgical techniques for the same can vary. To know if a brow lift can bring any visible change to your face, just place two fingers and raise one brow to about 3 to 5 mm and check the difference. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of brow lifts.

Coronal Brow Lift – Also known as the classic brow lift or open brow lift involves an incision that can go from ear to ear as the forehead is peeled down to expose the muscles that pulls the brows down. The incision will be concealed inside the hairline. In this brow lift technique the surgeon trims away the extra muscle, fat and skin before closing the incision giving the appearance of a smooth brow area. A coronal brow lift can produce a long-term permanent result and it is especially recommended for those with more advanced signs of aging or with deep creases across the forehead or if the brows sag over the eyes greatly.

Endoscopic Brow Lift – Once of the most commonly opted for brow lift technique, this type uses a half or one inch incision behind the hairline. The surgeon inserts a video camera to get a better idea of the anatomy and muscles around the eyebrows and the ligaments that keep the eyebrows down. The risk of scalp numbness and scars is quite minimal in the endoscopic technique. For the best long-term results make sure you get it done with a skilled cosmetic surgeon otherwise the muscle frowning tendency could come back after a year or so.

Short Scar Incision Brow Lift – In this technique a short one and half inch incision is made at the hairline on top of the forehead. This method can be done with local anesthesia and without the need for any video camera. The surgeon can remove some skin down to the brow and then lift and remove the extra skin that is causing the drooping before closing it with simple stitches. The scar in this case is at the end of both sides of the forehead and yes this does offer some permanency in results.

Lateral Brow Lift – This limited brow lift technique that can be effortlessly done at the doctor’s office itself. This is slightly similar to the short scar incision. A one and half inch incision is made behind the temporal hairline to elevate the outer third of the brow.

Skin Removal Brow Lift – In this brow lift technique a wedge of skin is removed at the brow area where the hair meets the skin of the eyebrow thus elevating it. Done in under 5 minutes per side, this method is more suitable for older patients who cannot see due to their eyebrows being so low and jammed into the eyelids and not for younger patients as there can be an unsightly depressed white scar.

Petrichial Brow Lift – In this procedure the loss of the soft elasticity in the upper third of the face can be corrected. This brow lift ensures that the underlying muscle and tissue are repositioned, the excess sagging skin around the forehead is removed creating a more refreshed, youthful appearance. Everything from the hairline down to the eyebrows is lifted thereby addressing eyebrow shape and asymmetry.

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