Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplantation Surgery


Hair transplantation surgery comes as a blessing to many discouraged men and women. The number of people resorting to transplants has considerably increased over the past years. This procedure gives a natural look to your hair. Also, the results are permanent and you don’t have to frequently visit the surgeon for any corrections. 

Before you proceed with the procedure, you have to consult a cosmetic surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of the same. The doctor will be able to advise you on the things to be considered before and after the surgery. The following are some of the things you should avoid after a hair transplantation surgery, to get the best results.

Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplantation Surgery

Shampooing your hair

Post the procedure, you will be advised not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours. After the third day, you can shampoo your hair, but without rubbing your hair aggressively. If you wash your hair vigorously, the direction of the implanted hair would be disturbed. This would damage the natural looks that are expected after a hair transplant.

Hair dye

The chemicals in your hair dye can cause some damage to the transplanted hair follicles since they are very brittle. So doctors advice not to dye your hair after the procedure for at least 4 weeks.


Driving immediately after the procedure is not advised. This is because you will be under the influence of anaesthesia that is used before commencing the treatment. 


You should not consume alcohol during the first week after surgery. Heavy alcohol consumption can also increase blood pressure and curtail the blood supply to the head. This can interfere with the recovery after treatment. 

Rubbing of the hair

Some people have the habit of letting their hair rub against the pillow when they sleep. They turn over frequently and this rubbing continues to a level that damages the newly implanted hair. Care should be taken not to rub the hairline.


Do not perform any heavy exercise after the procedure is over since this may increase the blood flow to the head. Heavy workouts also give rise to a lot of sweat that may affect the new hair follicles.

Applying ice

You should not apply ice to the scalp area directly after the hair transplant procedure. It is better to leave the scalp untouched for a few days after the surgery. This can help you in quick recovery.


For better healing its best to stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks post-procedure


The doctor will prescribe you the necessary medications to be taken after the surgery. This is to arrest any infections that may arise after the procedure. You should not avoid taking these and should also avoid taking more than the prescribed dosage.

Hair transplantation aims to give you permanent natural looks. When you take the effort to maintain it well by following the guidelines of the surgeon, you can expect good results. Do refer to the above to keep in mind the things to be avoided.

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