Laser Hair Removal – The Procedure


Laser hair removal is one of the most common processes for removing unwanted hair. It is the best alternatives to waxing and shaving .It is a minimum invasion process that provides extra benefits like precision in aiming specified hair and eliminating ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal

The procedure of laser hair removal

It is vital to select a doctor who is qualified and board certified. Before the procedure, your doctor will go through the whole medical history and discuss risks, advantages, and expectations to know if it is a good option for hair removal or not.

While preparing for the first laser hair removal session, it is vital to avoid waxing or tugging hairs for at least four to six weeks before the treatment. It is so because such activities remove the hair follicles and roots, which are the primary targets during a laser hair removal treatment. Shaving is ok as it will remove only hair and keeps the hair follicle intact.

24 hours before the laser hair removal treatment, shaving helps the laser to locate the follicles quickly.

What can you expect during the process?

Before the procedure, you might be given an option of receiving the topical anesthetic cream to assist in reducing the discomfort, if any, during the treatment. This is done 20 -30 minutes before the process and is suitable for those areas like the bikini line and your underarms.

You will be given an eye shield, and the laser equipment is adjusted per skin location, color and thickness. Your healthcare provider carries out the following steps:

  • Cleaning of the area
  • You are given a protective glass or goggles for wearing during the process. Your healthcare provider also wears eyewear.
  • Treatment of your skin is done with a laser. You might feel like a sequence of strings.

 A cold gel is applied to protect the skin’s outer layer and lessen the side effects. During the process, light beats are given in the treatment area, and slight discomfort might be felt. The sensation is like a warm pinprick or a small rubber band retorting against the skin.

The initial treatment primarily causes a maximum sensation compared to succeeding treatments, and the whole laser process differs from a few minutes to a few hours based on the treatment area. When the entire procedure is complete, you will be given a lotion, ice packs, or an anti-inflammatory cream to ease discomfort.

The whole procedure will take a few minutes to an hour . It is based on the size of the area. You might get a smell of smoke or burning hair, which is pretty standard as the hair follicle burns with heat from laser light.

Post-treatment and recovery

After the process, it is prevalent to see some redness and warmness in the skin. You will feel mild sunburn, from which you will get relief with cold compresses and moisturizers. You can wear make-up the next day if you have treated your face. For sun-exposed areas, you can use sunscreen after one month.


Hair follicles treated by the laser will take a few days to weeks to complete shedding. Hairs will not fall out immediately, and the whole shedding process might look like consistent hair growth. Outcomes vary a lot between individuals, which might be because of various factors like hair thickness, location, and density.

Even if laser hair removal will delay hair growth for months to years, it does not result in permanent hair removal. But when compared with shaving and waxing, it provides good results. Several sessions are given 4 to 6 weeks apart and are required for targeting several stages of the hair growth cycle. After these, some maintenance sessions in a year might also be necessary to acquire long-term outcomes.

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