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Hair loss is a matter of deep concern for many people. It is said that losing 70-100 strands of hair per day is normal. When it is more than this number and there is considerable thinning, this will be a cause for worry. Men and women face this problem due to several reasons. It becomes a reason for depression for many. Until recently, male pattern baldness wasn’t a worry for many, since many of them associated it with ageing. But with developments in the field of cosmetic surgery, the situation has changed. Many men and women resort to hair transplantation. This is a surgical procedure to replace lost hair with grafts from other parts of the body.

Hair Transplantation

Since this is a surgical procedure and needs several sittings, the expenses are generally more. Can it be covered under insurance, then, is a question that arises for many planning to undergo a hair transplant. Here, we should understand the intent of insurance. Insurance provides support for meeting any expenses that arise due to an unforeseen disease or accident. Hair loss may result due to injury or illness, but it is not considered a condition that can disrupt life. Due to its non-critical nature, insurance is not offered for hair transplantation in India.

Hair loss is not a medical condition and comes under cosmetic treatments, which are not covered under insurance. Lately, even when many other cosmetic procedures are slowly included in insurance around the world, hair transplant has still not found its way. As we have seen above, the reasons for hair loss may be many and cannot be attributed only to medical conditions. This is another point that proves a hair transplant cannot be considered a medical condition alone for insurance coverage.

The cost of treatment is also a consideration by insurance companies. More than 6-7 lakh people undergo treatment for some kind of hair thinning. This would mean that the insurance companies will be facing a heavy bill settlement, which is not feasible. Also, when there are so many critical conditions to be treated and patients waiting in line for coverage, it makes it difficult for including treatments like hair transplants.

The situation of people who resort to this treatment should also be considered here. Not everyone can afford the hair transplantation procedure. Some banks offer a no-cost EMI to support this procedure. The cost of treatment alters depending on the gravity of the hair loss. The cost is calculated based per graft and depending on the number of grafts you need, and the cost also varies. Apart from this, the cost of testing prior to surgery also adds up. You can consult a bank or reputed financial institution to find out the terms of no-cost EMI for treatment.

If your hair loss is due to any medical condition, the insurance company may pay you for treatment of that condition alone and not for transplantation.

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