Endoscopic and Open Brow Lift

With age progressing the tissues on our face begin to lose its elasticity, once the epidermis gets ridden of moisture. Often it is the forehead that first shows signs of aging with the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin, creases from the years of frowning. A brow liftwhich is a much sought-after cosmetic procedure that involves the tissues in and above the brow arches getting tightened can make the face look youthful without much hassle.

Endoscopic and Open Brow Lift

There are a number of methods to achieve a brow lift and these vary based on the type and placement of the incisions done during the procedure. Some of the obvious indications that a brow lift technique can help correct includes too low brow arches, too deep and horizontal frontal wrinkles, evident creases between the eyebrows, sagging tissue on top of the eyelids and skin with pronounced pockets of fat.

The optimal method of brow lifts to opt for will all depend on the patient’s choice to get the desired results and clinical assessment.There are also a number of non-surgical brow reconstruction methods like mesotherapy, bio revitalization or Botox,thread lift, if the concerns are mild or just minimal. Surgical intervention is the best way if the age-related concerns are pretty significant. Two of the most commonly performed brow lift techniques are the Open brow lift and the Endoscopic brow lift.

The open brow lift which is the classic brow lift is also called the coronal brow lift. This procedure involves one continuous incision, from ear to ear across the top of the head. In order to correct a high forehead, the surgeon can make the incision to follow the frontal hair line. In the case of long hair, it may need to be trimmed to make way for the procedure and on the other hand if the hair is short then growing it can help with covering up any scars. Open brow lift is especially suitable for individuals with larger  foreheads who would also want their hairline lifted. The goal of the procedure is to raise the eyebrows and smooth the forehead.

The endoscopic brow lift is the most preferred procedure as this requires only a small incision and it is quite minimally invasive. The incision is made in the scalp behind the hairline so there will not be any scarring. The surgeon then uses an endoscope with a camera to release and elevate the entire forehead, which is then secured using sutures or other fixation devices. The camera allows the surgeon to safely identify any nerves close to the eyebrows so they can be protected during the surgery. This procedure aims at lifting and shaping the brow while also softening forehead wrinkles with slight elevation of the hairline. With an endoscopic brow lift patients experience less pain, shorter recovery periods and no numbness of the scalp.

The best procedure technique for each individual patient will depend on their natural characteristics like the hairline and degree of brow drooping as well as the desired outcome. The doctor can assess the facial issues and recommend the most suitable brow lift technique.

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