Perioral Rejuvenation

The Perioral area which is the region surrounding the lips and the mouth is in most cases subject to both intrinsic aging which is biological and extrinsic aging which is related to environmental or lifestyle causes. The lip and mouth undergo both physiological and structural changes. Some of the most common aesthetic concerns that this area has with age progressing, include the down-turned corners of the mouth, marionette fold, vertical line formation, uneven pigmentation, volume loss or fat atrophy, lengthening of the upper lip, thinning of the lips, deepening of nasolabial fold .When left untreated these changes can be a clear give away of a person’s age.

The amazing fact about cosmetology is that each of these concerns can be quite gently handled with certain cosmetic treatments and procedures.A perioral rejuvenation can to a great extent restore the youthfulness of the perioral area making it appear refreshed thereby enhancing the overall face. The key to achieving a comprehensive and lasting effect is to treat the deeper soft-tissue layers alongside the superficial skin. For this the specific perioral related concerns have to be separately addressed by a combination of treatments.

Perioral rejuvenation can in fact involve the simple procedures like restoring lip volume with injectable fillers or with lipofilling or slightly complex techniques to reduce or remove wrinkles in the area with procedures like laser facial resurfacing and chemical peels. As for laser there are ablative as well as non-ablative techniques.Ablative procedures are CO2 laser, Erbium-YAG laser and chemical or mechanical peels and non-ablative procedures are intense pulsed light and radio frequency techniques which typically require several sessions to achieve the desired result. For an ablative procedure the recovery time can be several days. As for specifically treating marionette lines hyaluronic acid-based fillers in and around the problem areas have found to be the best method.

A range of cosmetic, invasive and noninvasive procedures can be utilized in order to fulfil complete perioral rejuvenation. A cosmetologist can offer advice on starting a personalized skin care protocol with active ingredients like high-dose retinol and vitamin C to optimize the overall treatment outcome. Microneedling procedure can help induce collagen replacement and remodeling in the case of chronic and age-related skin conditions, including sun-damage and vertical lines. Skin peels can be applied to the perioral skin to get rid of the superficial layer to peel off or pigmentation.

Dermal fillers can help smoothen perioral lines and wrinkles like upper lip lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.Microfat Grafting can be used to treat fat atrophy, vertical rhytids that are also known as ‘barcode’ linesand restore smooth, soft contours. A Structural Fat Grafting technique can help support and elevate the lower angle of the mouth or blend natural folds whereas a Buccal Fat Reduction modifies the deep fat of the face from inside the mouth. This treatment addresses lower facial heaviness and gives a more defined jawline. A Micro-Liposuction when done reduces the superficial fat deposits of the perioral mound. Minor surgical procedures like a lip lift or mucosal advancement can enhance the balance and proportion of the lips and perioral tissue as well.

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