What to expect after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat and skin while restoring weakened muscles to give a smoother, firmer abdominal structure. In other words, the procedure improves the shape and appearance of the abdomen.

A person might opt for this surgery if they have excess fat or skin around the area of their belly button or have a weak lower abdominal wall. This cosmetic surgery can boost your self-confidence as you get the desired abdominal shape.

This tummy tuck is performed in a hospital or a day care surgical facility. The patients will be under general anaesthesia/epidural anaesthesia, so the pain is negligible or not felt during the procedure.a pain-relieving medication is also used.After the surgery, a compression bandage is used that helps in controlling the swelling. Also,a team of doctors will provide you with guidelines to follow with respect to the best position while sitting or lying down to ease your pain. Besides, small tubes might be placed with the incision site to drain excess fluid. For this, it is suggested to continue taking antibiotics as long as the drains are in place.You will be supported to walk on the first day to avoid any form of blood clots. Pain medication will be provided from time to time, and remember it’s quite normal to have swelling in the surgical area.Wearing a supportive abdominal garment for about six weeks after your tummy tuck is essential. This helps avert fluid build up and provides abdominal support in the process of healing. For the first six weeks, avoid positions that can lead to straining your incision line, such as quickly bending at the waist, as this can reopen your wound.

Additionally, make a clear note of all the instructions provided by your surgeon that you ought to follow like:

  • Care for the drains
  • Medication dosage
  • Activity limitations
  • Posture while resting
  • Diet and Lifestyle
  • Regular follow-up visits.

You must avoid alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana /CBD /vape products as they can disturb your healing process, leading to wound rupturing.

Tips for Quick Recovery

  • Take vitamin A and vitamin C supplements
  • Drink green tea or lemon tea to improve immunity and antioxidant level
  • Go for a probiotic supplement as advised by your surgeon
  • Include pineapple and papaya in your diet to reduce bloating and inflammation
  • Use NSAIDs or pain killers to decrease swelling, bruising, and pain
  • Take a phosphorus supplement or drink ginger tea when feeling nauseous

Tummy tuck surgery can take several weeks to months. During your recovery period, you should follow all post-surgical instructions and guidance, such as avoiding lifting anything heavy, taking enough time to return to normal activities, and keeping your wounds clean.Also, keep this thing in mind that every individual body is different. So, the healing process for everyone will be different. Thus, do not compare your healing time with anybody.It has been observed that tummy tuck results are usually long-lasting if one maintains a stable weight.

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