Post Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery

The changes that a major weight loss brings to your life is more than one can imagine. But after losing a substantial amount of weight following a Bariatric Surgery,the next challenge to address is the excess skin and fatty tissue that remains. The skin and tissues will lack the required elasticity to conform to the new and reduced body size. Most patients then have to opt for Cosmetic Surgery procedures for achieving a better-proportioned appearance with smoother contours

Surgical body contouring post bariatric surgery can improve the outcome of the surgery and the general satisfaction of the patient. Such skin removal surgeries is a specialized subset of cosmetic surgery and is a boost not just physically but mentally as well. The cosmetic surgery is always personalized based on the patient’s individualneeds and goals and areas of greatest concern.The important thing about Post Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery is that not all patients of weight loss surgery will qualify for such procedures. If the patient’s weight has not remained stable for atleast 6 months and if there are major weight fluctuations then a cosmetic skin removal surgery will not be feasible. The patient has to be in good health without any complicated medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension to be an ideal candidate for the surgery. Expectations of the surgery results has to be realistic and the patient must have the right frame of mind to accept the changes and healing process.

The types of cosmetic surgery procedures can include an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to remove excessive skin and tissue and enhancing the muscles and waistline, breast surgery with implants to eliminate sagging or volume loss, facial rejuvenation, arm-lifts or thigh-lifts to remove excess or sagging skin from upper arms and the inner and outer thighs thereby reshaping the contour of the lower body. A Panniculectomy surgery is to remove the hanging skin and fat from the lower abdomen.The cosmetic surgeon may also recommend additional procedures based on your needs like liposuction, facelift, neck contouring, or feminine rejuvenation.The recovery and healing process post cosmetic surgery will depend on the procedures opted and the extent of skin removal. An upper arm lift or breast lift can heal within a week but more extensive procedures like lower body lifts will need a longer recovery period. For around 1 to 2 weeks temporary drains may be placed to ease swelling and so general discomfort should be expected. Atleast for 3 months thepatients are advised against indulging in any heavy or strenuous activities.The recovery time can include everything from getting the drains, sutures, or splints removed to how long it takes for incision marks to fade.Before committing to a Post Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery or Skin removal surgery you have to ensure that you choose a highly experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeon withspecific training in body contouring procedures. Most cosmetic procedures are invasive surgeries and hence requires a great deal of preparation and post-operative care

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