Pills, Creams and Other Ways – Busting Myths about Breast Reductions

Here’s a task for you: Do a google search on ‘Breast Size Reduction Surgery’ and you’ll quickly realise the overwhelming amount of information available on this subject. However, not every piece of information is reliable and therefore, trusting something blindly would be a mistake. Additionally, believing some of these suggested methods can be deterring or harmful to prospective pursuers.

It would be fair to say that the access to excess information has led to an increase in misinformation amongst people. While there are several pervasive ways in the market claiming to give you the same results as breast size reduction surgery , Pink Apple Aesthetics is here with some facts for you to consider about the more proclaimed kinds of breast reduction methods out there.

Exercises and Weight loss reduces Breast Size:

Fact: Breasts are made up of more than just fatty tissue.

Breasts also have glandular tissues. Therefore, the relief most potential patients are seeking will not be achieved through any kind of “breast reduction exercises”. Weight loss may lead to a negligible loss of weight on the breasts but an attractive shape and lift can only be acquired through a breast reduction surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. While losing weight is a good first step which will help you in recovering from the surgery, it is not a replacement for the surgery itself.

Breast Reduction Creams:

Breast reduction creams are currently trending across the globe and often surgeons and doctors are asked if these creams work? The truth: they don’t. Breast reduction creams are not an alternative to breast reduction surgery. These products claim that they modify the hormone system which thereby alters the fat disposition. However, there is no scientific proof for this theory.

Breast Reduction Pills:

One of the most dangerous notions about breast reduction relates to breast reduction pills. People are often tempted to purchase these breast reduction pills because they are affordable and easily available. Like the creams, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that these pills serve the purpose in question. Not only are pills not an effective alternative to breast reduction surgery but they also have harmful side-effects such as rashes, loss of appetite and indigestion.

For anyone who is seeking a consultation for breast reduction in Bangalore or otherwise, it is better to consult an experienced surgeon before resorting to other methods available in the market. Truth be told, there is no alternative quick-fix to reduce breast size other than breast reduction surgery and if you are looking for breast reduction surgery in Bangalore, we are here for you!

A report in 2010 by the European Medicines Agency found that 60% medicines bought online were substandard or fake. This further emphasises the importance of a professional doctor advising you with medical treatments and surgeries. Remember: Prevention is always better than cure. And in the case of cosmetic procedures prevention in the form of a professional opinion is the best solution!

Unfortunately, most of us trust all sources present on the internet and often fall prey to trying out ineffective and non-medically proven methods of breast reduction – but if you are looking to consult an expert for a Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore contact us.

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