Forehead Rejuvenation

They say the forehead is where all your daily stresses and aging affects first. A forehead that sags and riddled with worry lines can make you appear much older than you actually are and this can also automatically alter the look of your eyes as well. The aged appearance of the forehead can make your eyes appear perpetually tired. A well contoured forehead can instantly restore your facial beauty making it more pleasant. As we grow older the brows tend to move down and when the skin and soft tissues lose elasticity, the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes can shorten. The forehead wrinkles, loose skin and semi-blocked vision due to eyelid drooping can all be changed in a jiffy with forehead rejuvenation cosmetic treatments.

forehead rejuvenation

When earlier the attention was all on the face and the neck, the enhancement of the forehead area is now seen as essential in order to get a natural and well-balanced result. Forehead rejuvenation can be achieved nowadays using a combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques. These can include various treatments like forehead lift, brow lift and along with such surgical procedures, non-invasive cosmetic treatments have emerged to provide superior aesthetic outcomes.

For those not interested in going under the knife there are dermal filler injections which are safe and effective. These can help by filling out existing lines and wrinkles on your forehead. The results of the procedure are visible immediately and can last for an average of twelve months. Another forehead wrinkle treatment that are quite fast acting are chemical peels. Acids like carbolic, alpha hydroxy (AHA), and trichloroacetic (TCA) are used for this to remove the outer layer of skin to reveal the less-wrinkled skin underneath.

A forehead lift, which is also called the temporal lift, is a surgical technique that aims to identify the muscles with no collagen and either alter or remove them for reviving the youthful look. This treatment is usually recommended with facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) and eyelid surgery because when these three treatments are performed together the results are better.

As for the brow lift, this aims at tightening the skin by eliminating excess tissue and lifting the skin of the brow and forehead with several incisions that are hidden along the hairline. This cosmetic procedure can help remove the noticeable forehead folds and also make the eyes appear more refreshed. There are currently three types of brow lifts. The endoscopic brow lift uses a tiny camera inserted through incisions behind the hairline. Using this the surgeon will lift the forehead tissues and anchor them in place with sutures. In the coronal brow lift the incision is made behind the hairline across the top of your head, from ear to ear or on the top of the head. The forehead will then be lifted into its new position. This type of lift is for people who have high hairlines, thin hair or who are likely to lose their hair. In the hairline brow lift the incision is made between the top of the forehead and the beginning of the hairline. The skin and tissue are removed in this type from the top of the forehead and not the scalp. Often used in high receding hairline cases.

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