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Cosmetic surgery is no longer only limited to the elite. From hair transplantion, liposuction, scar removal, etc., cosmetic surgery includes a whole lot of areas for different customers. After all, who doesn’t want to look better, right?One such procedure is Liposculpture, which is gaining prominence across the globe. You may be wondering it sounds similar to liposuction. Then, what’s the difference? Let us first understand what is Liposculpture, and how does it work.

What Is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a surgical procedure that gives you more shape and enhances muscle tone. Unlike liposuction – in which only the fat is removed – Liposculpture also provides the desired shape. Particularly, it can target areas that cannot be toned by diet or exercise.

How Does Liposculpture Work?

Liposculpture is used to remove fat in particular areas around the body. The fat is removed to different extent in different areas of body and fat is transferred to areas which need to beaugmented to give the desired definition, giving it a well-sculpted look. It can be used to give a good structure to the waist.Surgeons make a tiny incision in the area around the fat and insert a long thin tube called cannula under the skin directly into the fat. This tube is then used to move around and suction the fat, and in some cases suctioned fat is transferred to other parts of the body.

Types Of Liposculpture ProceduresThere are three major types of liposculpture:

  • Power-Assisted Liposculpture (PAL), is a technique in which a vibrating tool is used tobreak down the fat quickly and effectively.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposculpture (UAL) uses ultrasonic energy to melt down the fat.
  • Laser-Assisted Liposculpture uses laser, which also takes longer compared to the other two techniques.

Difference Between Liposculpture And Liposuction:

Liposculpture is one step further to liposuction, that is, not only is the fat removed from a particular part of the body, but it is transferred to other parts to enhance and augment the area. In the process, the surgeon ‘sculpts’ the body to create a chiseled look and a more balanced physique.

What To Expect After A Liposuction Procedure?

Any adverse side effects arising from Liposculpture are quite uncommon. The most frequently occurring effect on the body though is the visibility of ripples on the skin and a bitof unevenness.The results of the liposuction surgery can take about six months to start appearing, as the body starts to adjust to the new structure.If you have undergone Liposculpture, here are some post-surgery practices recommended by the doctors:

  • Wear a compression garment to help lessen the swelling.
  • To help the body regain its strength, make sure your diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein.
  • Avoid any strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks until the body gets fully adjusted.
  • Manual lymphatic massage is advisable for 4 to 6 weeks.

You must consult with your surgeon regarding your eating habits, past medical conditions, and any family history of diseases so that the dosage and procedure can be decided accordingly.
Once this is ensured, and after the procedure is a success, get ready to welcome a new you!

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